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Please follow these installation instructions carefully.  

If you have any questions regarding mount installation or use of any of our products, please don't hesitate to reach out to Joe Bowyer, Owner, at 574-358-1698.


Thank you for choosing Str8 Up Mounts.

Str8 Up Mounts Installation Instructions


Thank you for choosing Str8 Up Mounts for your bass boat! Below you will find detailed instructions to guide you through the installation of your new graph mount. Please read these instructions carefully before starting and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Pre-Installation Checklist


1. Dry-Fit Components: Before securing anything permanently, arrange all components to ensure that cables and the trolling motor clear the graphs/mount. Verify the centering of the dual plate on the mount to balance the weight distribution.


2. Tool and Hardware Gathering

   - Tools Needed:

     - 5/32" Allen wrench

     - 7/16" socket or box wrench

   - Hardware Required (not included, recommended hardware is available for purchase here

     - 6 x ¼”- 20 x 2" or 3" Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Bolts

     - 12 x ¼” Stainless Steel Flat Washers

     - 6 x ¼”- 20 Nylon Insert Nut Type Stainless Steel

     - For best results, use the recommended hardware sold here or similar.

Optional tools: Spring clamps or similar for dry fitting the graphs to the mount to check for clearance.


Step-by-Step Installation


Step 1: Preparing the Mounting Area

- For Ranger boats, it may be necessary to remove foam from the bolt areas or use anchor bolts to secure the mount to the deck.

- Ensure the mounting area on the deck is clean and free of debris.

- Important: Do not use wood screws to attach the mount to the deck.


Step 2: Aligning the Mount

- Position the mount on the deck where it will be installed. (Preferred location is as far starboard side as possible making sure that you clear the T.M. and any cables.)

- Note: The pre-drilled holes on the risers and dual plates are a starting point and are not made for any specific manufacturer's gimbal holes. They are only a starting point.


Step 3: Securing the Mount

- Once positioned, mark where the drilling is necessary (if pre-drilled holes do not align). Drill holes cautiously to fit the bolts.

- Insert the bolts through the mount and deck, placing a flat washer on each side of the deck and mount interface.

- Securely fasten using the nylon insert nuts. Hand-tighten only to avoid seizing the nuts-do not use power tools for this step.


Step 4: Final Adjustments

- Double-check all connections to ensure everything is tight and properly aligned.

- Perform a final dry-fit test with all equipment to ensure no obstructions or misalignments.


After Installation

- Test the mount with the intended graph and other equipment to ensure stability and proper function.


At Str8 Up Mounts, we specialize in providing high-quality graph mounts designed specifically for bass boats. It's crucial to understand that graph brands may have different mounting locations, and our mounts are not tailored to any specific brand. Installation of our mounts requires a bolt-through attachment system. We recommend using full-threaded ¼”-20 x 3" stainless bolts with washers and nylon nuts for optimal performance. Please note that some drilling may be required during installation to ensure a secure fit. While our mounts include pre-drilled holes, they are not brand-specific and may require customization based on your graph's mounting locations.


Limited Liability

Please be aware that improper installation or use of our products may result in damage or injury. Str8 Up Mounts, its' owner and/or affiliates are not responsible for any such incidents due to improper installation, neglect, or misuse.


If you have any questions regarding mount installation or use of any of our products, please don't hesitate to reach out to Joe Bowyer, Owner, at 574-358-1698. 


Thank you for choosing Str8 Up Mounts.


Additional Resources

- Visit our website for more information and further assistance:

- For visual guidance, check out our installation videos on Facebook 


Thank you for your purchase, and enjoy your enhanced fishing experience with Str8 Up Mounts!


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