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joe bowyer

My journey began in 2017 when my wife surprised me with a boat for fishing. I cherished that boat until 2020 when I decided to sell it in order to purchase a Skeeter. However, I faced a challenge in finding affordable mounts for my new boat, as the prices were quite high. Determined to find a solution, I decided to venture into the market and provide an affordable and reliable mount option for the average fisherman.


To kickstart this endeavor, I had someone create a single over the pedal mount for me. It worked so well that a friend suggested I start selling them. With only a couple of hundred dollars in savings from donating plasma at Bio life in June 2020, I began selling the mounts on eBay. As demand grew, I realized the need for a more dedicated platform, and in November 2021, with the help of Fayth Janek, I launched my own website.


Throughout this journey, I had several goals in mind. First and foremost, I aspired to quit my full-time job and dedicate myself entirely to this business. Secondly, I aimed to have my mounts featured on the boat of an elite series fisherman and see them in the prestigious Bassmaster Classic tournament. Finally, I dreamt of having my mounts on the boat of an elite series champion. 


Fortunately, I was able to achieve these goals. Thanks to the trust placed in Str8 Up Mounts by Will Davis Jr., my mounts found their way onto the boat of an elite series champion. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the unwavering support of my dealers across the world and the loyal customers who have embraced my products.


Continuously striving to provide innovative items for the fishing community, I am constantly working on creating new products. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the fishing industry and would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who has played a part in helping me achieve my goals.



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