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Garmin safety clip (contact for shipping)
  • Garmin safety clip (contact for shipping)

    SKU: gsc123

    Introducing the ultimate affordable solution for securely mounting your Garmin graphs on your boat! Our 3d printed clip, crafted from durable 3D printed PETG, ensures your devices stay firmly in place, preventing accidental dislodging.


    - **Material:** Made from high-quality 3D printed PETG
    - **Color:** black finish
    - **Installation:** Easy to install with a secure snap-fit mechanism
    - **Compatibility:** Designed for Garmin 102, 106, 122, 126sv graphs (refer to the picture for compatibility)

    - Sold individually (purchase one per graph)
    - Made in the USA 

    Never worry about your Garmin graphs coming loose again—trust our dependable clip to keep them securely in place on every fishing trip. 

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